How to Start a Moving Company 

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When you have experience in moving, and you have the equipment to make a moving company business possible, then you should go for it. The business is can be your part-time job or even full-time, if you ever decide to make it a big business in the future. However, a business wouldn’t be possible if you don’t plant for it, and make something to make it come true.  

It takes hard work and research to start a business and good marketing skills to run it. Someday when you search movers near me in the internet, you will see your business on the top list. To make that happen, read the following guide. 

Step 1: Create a Financial Plan  

Buying the Equipments  

A start-up business needs a capital, and in order to prepare the capital without being short on money you have to create a financial plan. First, price out the equipment you’re going to use in your moving company. The first obvious one is a vehicle that will travel the client’s belongings to its new place.  

You should purchase the large one and also the reliable one. You will never know how many furniture you’re going to move. If you want to cut some costs because it’s still a start-up company, you can buy a used vehicle from a large moving company. Once you buy the company, think of having your company’s name painted on it to make it more professional.  

Hiring Employees 

You won’t do all the work, so you will need to hire employees. For a start-up company, 1 or 2 employees are already enough. If you plan to do most of the work, an additional one could be efficient. Once the business grows, of course you’ll need more employees.  

Getting Insurance 

Insurance in every company is important. It will cover any damages or loses that might happen on the move. Get an insurance coverage for your vehicles and other equipments and others.  

Step 2: Create a Business Plan 

Once you’re done with planning the financial aspects of your company, it’s time to get serious about planning it. Every business needs a business plan, it’s a formal document that helps you comprehend the things you need to do to start and run your business. If you have lenders or business partners, you can present it to them so they would have an idea where the business is potentially leading to.  

Creating the business plan is a crucial step. A market research should be done so your business plan is clear. You need to research about the trends to find out what your community needs and how your company can fulfill those needs.  

Step 3: Deal with Legal Requirements 

After the business plan is finalized, you will deal with requirements like licenses and certification. Each state has its own set of requirements for a moving company so you better contact the DOT. Some state also requires a number of years of experiences before they allow the business to formally start. You should also register your business so you can legally operate it.  


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